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Hear Seattle's Versing Delve Into Heavy Drone With New Song "Silver Dollar"

Music video tells dark story of a hit-and-run car accident

In the "about" section of Versing's Facebook page, it lists the following descriptions:

"Sounds like a whale is dying"
"Loud and screechy"

While none of the above is truly accurate (except, maybe loud and screechy, but only in the most positive, Kevin Shieldsian way), the Seattle-based band should have a slew of positives that should be attached to their name. The latest signing to Hardly Art mines post-punk, alt pop and shoegaze to create their newest single "Silver Dollar," a droning number with an attached VHS-style video that recalls James, Catherine Wheel, latter-era the Clean and early XTC in one fell swoop. Heavy guitars are a tell for the band's previous endeavors, but they never take precedent over the group's overall melodic focus despite the song's twisted subject matter — a privileged individual guilty of hit and run who expects to get away with it due to social status. Yikes.

Check out the new video above and catch Versing on tour at the dates below.

Versing tour dates:
07.11.18 -  Vancouver, BC - Red Gate
07.12.18 - Victoria, BC - Centennial Square
07.13.18 - Seattle, WA - West Seattle Fest
07.15.18 - Boise, ID - TBA
07.16.18 - Reno, NV - The Holland Project
07.17.18 - Las Vegas, NV - Starboard Tack
07.19.18 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex
07.20.18 - San Francisco, CA - Thee Parkside
07.21.18 - Seattle, WA - Kame House