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Hear Septic Tank Channel GISM, Discharge on Furious "Treasurers of Disease"

Lee Dorrian–fronted act's new song is a pitch-perfect study in deliciously raw, lo-fi punk aesthetics

Here's a dirty secret: virtually everyone in metal and hardcore loves Discharge, Amebix and dozens of other bands that are traditionally "punk." And while that presence is definitely felt within both genres, proficiency in one definitely does not correlate to proficiency in another. 

Septic Tank — vocalist Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, Napalm Death), guitarist Gaz Jennings, drummer Jamie 'Gomez' Arellano, bassist Scott Carlson (Repulsion) — are a rare exception where metalheads clearly understand and properly execute punk. 

Their latest single "Treasurers of Disease" starts with a buzz-saw guitar tone, not unlike something you might find on GISM's landmark Detestation LP, and seamlessly moves between half-speed riffs and blasts without ever feeling forced. The whole thing is quietly melodic (nod to Discharge) and deliciously lo-fi, much like many of punk's earliest recordings that we've grown to love because the material was just so damn good.

Look for nods to everyone from Repulsion (is it a nod if a member is in the band?) to Hellhammer to Terrorizer along the way, and for the eighteen track LP to whiz by — just like any good punk record should.  

Order your copy of Septic Tank's self-titled LP via Rise Above