Hear Serj Tankian's New Piano Concerto "Disarming Time" | Revolver

Hear Serj Tankian's New Piano Concerto "Disarming Time"

System of a Down singer unveiled 24-minute modern classical composition

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Serj Tankian was a busy man over quarantine. In addition to recording a new solo EP of rock songs, Elasticity, the System of a Down frontman created a 24-minute composition of modern classical piano music. Today (June 18th), he's released it into the world as one big piece of music called, Disarming Time: A Modern Piano Concerto.

"When quarantine hit and all our projects and releases were canceled, I started itching for a musical challenge," Tankian explained of the project's conception. "One night sitting in bed looking through different voice memos on the iPhone I realized I have this huge trove of short, special, unrealized musical ideas. Right then the thought of creating an epic piece utilizing them all made me smile."

He continuned, "So I recorded them all and started arranging the instrumentation to create this incredibly unique musical experience. I mean, who the fuck listens to 24 minutes of music as one piece today? We're about to find out :)"

Hear the whole thing while you watch its mesmerizing video above via YouTube. Elasticity is out now, and you can pick up one of our exclusive vinyl bundles of the record over at our shop