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Hear Shock Withdrawal's Grindy Death-Metal Blast "Nadir of Humanity"

Members of Mos Generator and Maruta play in politically-charged new group

There's no shortage of awesome bands blurring the lines between death-metal and grindcore, but Shock Withdrawal are a particularly standout act in that field. The newly-formed L.A. trio features members of Maruta, Mos Generator, Nitesoil and more, and their forthcoming debut EP has all the right personnel moves to ensure a quality product — mastering by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Turnstile, Cavalera Conspiracy) and artwork by Primitive Man frontperson Ethan Lee McCarthy. Its first couple singles sounded fucking cataclysmic, and the third one we're proud to be premiering today, "Nadir of Humanity," is another total ripper. 

It's the perfect balance of death-metal riffage, savory groove and total grindcore mayhem. Not too fast that it passes by in a blur, but urgent enough to translate its dire call to action against our society's structural subjugation of minority groups. If you fancy anything from Cattle Decapitation and Pig Destroyer to Genocide Pact and Gatecreeper, then Shock Withdrawal are for you. Blast "Nadir of Humanity" above via YouTube. 

"Part of what defines us as humans is based on what I call the geographical and/or genetic lottery," vocalist Mitchell Luna explains. "You are born into this flesh suit and have no control over what part of the planet you are spawned in, your race, gender, and most importantly: health, mental composure as well as financial privilege or lack thereof. 'Nadir of Humanity' is about inner turmoil and misfortune mostly due to the latter.

"Yes, we all have the choice to strive for the best and to fight to overcome the obstacles that this existence throws at us, but there are those who have been subjected to unimaginable misfortune and find themselves at the bottom of an endless existential pit. Whether it be extreme poverty, accelerated health degradation, or a downward spiral of mental illness, these are who society for the most part views as undesirables. In a world where there is no motive to help fellow man because there is no profit to be made, it is easier to blame those who are struggling for their own misfortunes as if it was a self induced act. Easier to do this than to actually admit that there is something inherently wrong with the system."

Shock Withdrawal's self-titled EP is out March 4th via Brutal Panda/Roman Numeral/Selfmadegod and you can pre-order it here.