Hear Short Fictions' Working-Class Screamo Anthem "The Great Unwashed" | Revolver

Hear Short Fictions' Working-Class Screamo Anthem "The Great Unwashed"

Pittsburgh emo band embrace their heavy side on politically charged new single

Over the last few years, Short Fictions have risen from beloved Pittsburgh locals to one of the most promising emo bands in the genre's bubbling underground. Drawing from a deep well of influences, their music zigzags between the yelps and noodles of traditional Midwest emo, the cathartic singalongs of beer-stained basement punk and occasionally, gnarly-as-hell screamo. 

"The Great Unwashed," the latest single from their forthcoming LP, Every Moment of Every Day, falls into the latter category and we're stoked to be premiering it today (May 24th).. With leftist lyrics about union solidarity and a call for basic social programs to aid the struggles of the working class, the track is one of their more politically-tinged cuts but also has an incredible amount of musical bite to it — recalling Nineties screamo touchstones without losing the band's knack for earwormy melodies. It's a ripper, and you can listen above via YouTube. 

"We snuck some leftist themes into our last album and they resonated with our audience more so than expected; for this next release we decided to amplify that," the band say. "In no uncertain terms, 'The Great Unwashed' calls for prison abolition, universal health care, and unification of all working people.   

"The sample at the beginning is intended to address anyone who told us that we should stick to one style of music: we love heavy music and we'll go that route whenever we please. There are no rules to being in a band that you started just to have fun."

Every Moment of Every Day is out June 24th via Lauren Records and is available for pre-order here