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Hear Sleep's Smoldering New One-Off Song "Leagues Beneath"

Stoner-metal icons debut 17-minute ripper via Adult Swim's Singles Series
sleep-2018-josh-brasted-getty.jpg, Josh Brasted / Getty
Sleep, (from left) Al Cisneros, Jason Roeder and Matt Pike, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2018
photograph by Josh Brasted / Getty

A little over a month after dropping their fantastic surprise album The Sciences, stoner-metal icons Sleep are back with a cavernous new track, which they've appropriately titled "Leagues Beneath." Clocking in at nearly 17 hulk-sized minutes, the California trio's latest slab o' riffs marks their second contribution to the Adult Swim Singles Series (after 2014's "The Clarity").

On a related note, the stalwarts have been tapped to appear alongside Code Orange, Run the Jewels and others at the inaugural Adult Swim Music Festival, which takes place in downtown Los Angeles October 6th-7th.

Stream Sleep's "Leagues Below" now, and don't forget to read our review of The Sciences if you haven't already.