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Hear Sludge Veterans Cable's Venomous First New Album in 10 Years

Connecticut band's 'Take the Stairs to Hell' explores "overlying theme of anger, hatred, depression, negativity"

Aside from a handful of years in the late Aughts, Connecticut's Cable has been active for a quarter century, which a pretty mind-blowing accomplishment. Rooted in hardcore, the long-running band practices a particularly furious version of sludge, the sort that reminds you that at one time Buzzoven and Eyehategod were the most terrifying bands in the world. That's not to classify Cable as a second citizens to anyone: They got riffs of their own, and the type to make you throw a full-strength punch at an invisible foe out of pure rock ecstasy.

Cable's latest tutorial in how to crush the infinite masses is Take the Stairs to Hell, a nine-track freight train due via Translation Loss that shows influences that range from Neurosis to the blues to the clean-vocal'd hardcore of Life of Agony. "Take the Stairs to Hell has an overlying theme of anger, hatred, depression, negativity, etc.," bassist-vocalist Randy Larsen told Decibel in May. "It was born out of songs I wrote as far back as 2014 and as recent as 2018. If I had to sum up the feeling and theme of the album it's a slow descent into my own personal hell."

The album's not out until July 26th, but it's streaming below in full for the first time. If you dig it (and you should), order yours here.