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Hear SOM Channel Deftones on Soaring New Song "Youth // Decay"

Atmospheric rock group features current and former members of Constants, Junius and Caspian

Newly signed to Pelagic Records, the label run by the Ocean's Robin Staps, SOM feature current and former members of Constants, Junius and Caspian, and specialize in a gauzy, feedback-soaked sound they describe as "heavy dream pop." It's not far flung from the output of high-volume shoegazers such as Deftones or Hum. The group's latest offering is Awake, a new EP of originals and remixes that's due out in March and available for pre-order now. Ahead of the big drop, SOM have teamed with Revolver to premiere standout cut "Youth // Decay," five minutes of glimmering melancholy, along with its cinematic music video. Watch and listen above.

Vocalist-guitarist Will Benoit tells us, "Before the first SOM record was done, Mike [Repasch-Nieves, guitar] and I were both feeling creatively and musically adrift. We got together for a couple days, recording ambient guitar and synths over glitchy beats in an attempt to change things up. Two years later when Mike and Joel joined the band, I edited some of Mike's demo parts from that session to form the main melodies in 'Youth // Decay.' I arranged the chords and vocals, and brought it to the group. During quarantine, we all passed the demo back and forth. Slowly, this minimal, sparse piece of music grew into a dynamic, crushing song that is also the first track we finished as a five-piece."

Repasch-Nieves adds of the visual, "Similarly, the video started as a short film that my friend and long-time colleague, director Adam Patch, had been working on. As soon as we finished the song, I knew it would be perfect for this, lyrically and thematically. We shared the song and footage with editor Samia Zaidi, who also directed our recent video for 'Awake // Sedate.' She took it and really brought everything into focus. It was quite serendipitous how it all came together in this way."