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Hear Soulfly's Ripping New Song Featuring Obituary's John Tardy

"Scouring the Vile" is Max Cavalera's "personal fuck you letter to cancer"

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Soulfly haven't been a nu-metal band in a very long time, but if there was ever any doubt about just how heavy they've gotten over the years, then look no further than "Scouring the Vile." The new track is the second single from their upcoming album, Totem (out August 5th via Nuclear Blast), and it's a face-mauling death metal ripper that features vocals from none other than Obituary vocalist John Tardy.

The croaking Floridian trades guttural bellows with Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera over cripplingly heavy instrumentation that's way thrashier than Soulfly's typical groove-metal sweet spot. It's a welcomed dose of speed and hearing Cavalera and Tardy duel it out on one track is a blessing. Take a listen above via YouTube. 

"'Scouring the Vile' is Soulfly's personal fuck you letter to cancer!," Max Cavalera said of the song. "The lyrics are angered by the loss of loved ones. It was amazing to share the vocals with an old veteran, John Tardy of Obituary."

Produced by Cavalera alongside Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Code Orange, Ghostemane), Totem also boasts guest appearances from John Powers (Eternal Champion) and Chris Ulsh (Power Trip).