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Hear Soundgarden Drummer Join Melvins for Sludgy "Spoonman" Cover

Washington heroes unite for heavy take on 1994 grunge classic

The Melvins are no strangers to the art of the cover song, having released an entire album, 2013's Everybody Loves Sausages, and a subsequent nine-part tribute series that featured their unique takes on everyone from David Bowie and Queen to Venom and Roxie Music. However, where those tracks found Buzz Osborne and Co. contorting their (mostly) un-metal influences into heavier forms, their most recent cover sees them taking on a song from within their own world — and with one of their Washington state brethren. 

The band have shared studio a rendition of Soundgarden's 1994 grunge classic "Spoonman," which they actually covered live for 2019's "I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell. This time, they recruited the guy who banged the drums on the original, current Pearl Jam skinsman Matt Cameron, to pull double-duty with Melvins drummer Dale Crover. It's a sludgier, heavier rendition of the standout rocker from Soundgarden's 1994 smash, Superunknown, and it appears on the Melvins' Lord of the Flies EP that came out earlier this month. 

Listen above via YouTube, and below, watch Osborne's recent appearance on our "Fan First" podcast, discussing the bands that got him into music, Kurt Cobain's first show, Tool's early support of the Melvins and much more.