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Hear Statiqbloom Unleash Raw, Grinding Industrial EBM on Dark Hypnotic New Song

Brooklyn-based duo's vicious "Possession" appears on forthcoming album 'Asphyxia'
Statiqbloom, 2019

Originally a one-man operation based in Brooklyn, New York, dark industrial duo Statiqbloom have spent the past few years churning out a steady stream of grinding industrial and EBM equally fit for the dance floor or a haunted abattoir. With their newest record Asphyxia set for release in just over a week, today (May 29th) marks the premiere of an eerily hypnotic new track called "Possession."

The song's slow-building terror sets in when the steady backbeat sneaks in just before the harsh vocals, evoking Twitch- and Land of Rape and Honey–era Ministry vibes with modern production sensibility. Measured pacing builds a sense of dread amid the deeply layered synth and sampled elements, giving the feeling of being tangled up in a mechanical nightmare but one you can't help but enjoy.

Statiqbloom's new record drops June 7th via Metropolis Records and was recorded and mixed by renowned artist in his own right Sanford Parker. In addition to creating their own music, the outfit have created remixes for other industrial artists such as HIDE, Corrections House, Plack Blague and more. See below for a full track list from Asphyxia, and pre-order the album (plus here another single) on their official Bandcamp

1. Ceaseless
2. Until Oblivion
3. Possession
4. Painted Red
5. Eight Hearts Eight Spikes 
6. Silver Face
7. Figure Behind The Door
8. No Providence
9. Descent