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Hear Stone Temple Pilots' Previously Unreleased Track for 'The Crow' Soundtrack

"Only Dying" was shelved out of respect for actor Brandon Lee, who died after an accidental on-set shooting
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Next week, Stone Temple Pilots will reissue their debut album Core to commemorate its 25th anniversary. In addition to the standard digital and CD formats, the release will be available as one of two special packages: a two-CD version, and a "Super Deluxe Edition" box set limited to 15,000 copies. Both include a slew of rarities, demos and live performances, including "Only Dying," a sullen, jazz-inspired song which Stone Temple Pilots demoed but never officially released. Listen now, and find the full tracklisting for the "Super Deluxe Edition" below.

A haunting track originally intended for the soundtrack to 1994's cult film The Crow, "Only Dying" was ultimately shelved by STP out of respect to Brandon Lee, the film's star, who died following an accidental shooting on-set. (The group eventually went with "Big Empty," the debut single off 1994's sophomore effort Purple.)

"That song was a little bit of a different direction for us," bassist Robert DeLeo told Rolling Stone of the demo. "It was based more off jazz-type chordings. As a songwriter, I wanted to spark people into different directions." Even as the demo fell to the wayside, however, the band kept "Only Dying" in their hearts and minds. According to guitarist Dean DeLeo, late frontman Scott Weiland expressed interest in re-recording the song prior to his death in 2015.

"One of the last few conversations Scott [Weiland] and I had was that he really wanted to re-cut that song," Dean revealed. "I said to Robert [DeLeo], 'Maybe we should honor his wishes and maybe cut the band around that vocal.' Maybe we'll do that one day, I don't know." 

Stone Temple Pilots' Core reissue hits shelves September 29th, a quarter-century to the day of its initial release. The aforementioned "Super Deluxe Edition," comprises four CDs (the remastered Core; demos and b-sides, two concerts, and their MTV Unplugged performance, respectively); a DVD with a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album, plus music videos; and a hardcover book featuring never-before-seen STP photographs. To further tempt the diehards, the band are also selling an exclusive bundle on their website that includes all of the goodies listed above, plus a replica of the "Plush" 7" single from 1993, a t-shirt, and a Core 25th Anniversary 16 x 20" lithograph; it's limited to 1,000 copies, so act fast.

Core: Super Deluxe Edition track listing:

Disc 1: Core Remastered

01. "Dead & Bloated"
02. "Sex Type Thing"
03. "Wicked Garden"
04. "No Memory"
05. "Sin"
06. "Naked Sunday"
07. "Creep"
08. "Piece of Pie"
09. "Plush"
10. "Wet My Bed"
11. "Crackerman"
12. "Where the River Goes"

Disc 2: Demos And B-sides

01. "Only Dying" (Demo) *
02. "Wicked Garden" (Demo) *
03. "Naked Sunda" (Demo) *
04. "Where the River Goes" (Demo) *
05. "Dead & Bloated" (Demo) *
06. "Sex Type Thing" (Demo) *
07. "Sin" (Demo) *
08. "Creep" (Demo) *
09. "Plush" (Demo) *
10. "Sex Type Thing" (Swing Type Version)
11. "Plush" (Acoustic Type Version)
12. "Creep" (New Album Version)
13. "Plush" (Acoustic from MTV Headbanger's Ball, take 1)

Disc 3: Live

Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater (July 2, 1993)

01. "Crackerman" *
02. "Wicked Garden" *
03. "No Memory" *
04. "Sin" *
05. "Plush" *
06. "Where the River Goes" *
07. "Sex Type Thing" *
08. "Wet My Bed" *
09. "Naked Sunday" *

Live At The Reading Festival (August 27, 1993)

10. "Wicked Garden"
11. "No Memory" *
12. "Sin"
13. "Lounge Fly" *
14. "Dead & Bloated"
15. "Sex Type Thing"
16. "Naked Sunday" *

Disc 4: MTV Unplugged (November 17, 1993)

01. "Crackerman"
02. "Creep" *
03. "Andy Warhol"
04. "Plush" *
05. "Big Empty" *
06. "Wicked Garden" *
07. "Sex Type Thing" *

Disc Five: (DVD) Original Album 5.1 Mix, 24/96 Stereo Audio, And Music Videos

* previously unreleased