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Hear Stoner Outfit Fire Down Below Evoke Kyuss on Scorching New Song

Two-part "Ignition/Space Cruiser" appears on Belgian band's new space-inspired concept LP 'Hymn of the Cosmic Man'
fire_down_below_credit_elke_verstraeten.jpg, Elke Verstraeten
photograph by Elke Verstraeten

Formed in 2015, Fire Down Below are an experimental hard-rock quartet from Belgium who take a progressive, oddball approach to smoldering, Kyuss-style jams. 2016's debut, Viper Vixen Goddess Saint, prompted many to compare to the band to a stoner version of Tool: a characterization that's all but set to stick with its ambitious follow-up, Hymn of the Cosmic Man. Arriving June 8th via Ripple Music, the intergalactic-themed concept album follows a battle between "a single soul against an unnamed threat to mankind."

The album's overarching plot might be set in deep space, but Fire Down Below aren't out of the quite desert yet, as proven by their new, two-part crusher "Ignition/Space Cruiser." Its scorching opening half is an aural interpretation of a rocket shooting off into space, while the latter section symbolizes the weightlessness of floating through outer space. "The two sides of the story complete each other really well and are connected through the lyrics," explains the band's bassist Bert Wynsberghe, "so we decided to treat them as one entity and make it one long kickass track." Listen below.

Pre-orders for Fire Down Below's new album Hymn of the Cosmic Man are live at this location. Read on for the album artwork and track listing.


Fire Down Below - Hymn of the Cosmic Man track listing:

01. "Red Giant"
02. "Ignition / Space Cruiser"
03. "Saviour of Man"
04. "The Cosmic Pilgrim"
05. "Nebula"
06. "Ascension"
07. "Adrift In A Sea Of Stars"