Hear Swedish Crust Collective Agrimonia's Expansive New Burner "A World Unseen" | Revolver

Hear Swedish Crust Collective Agrimonia's Expansive New Burner "A World Unseen"

Nine-minute behemoth from members of At the Gates, Miasmal, Martyrdöd, more

Following in the footsteps of epic crust gods like Axegrinder and Sacrilege, Agrimonia make extended, multi-movement rippers that nod to black metal, Amebix, prog rock and post-metal. The Swedish collective — featuring members of Martyrdöd, At the Gates, Skitsystem and Miasmal — take some of the vile riff ideas used in their other projects and apply them to longer tracks like "A World Unseen," which we're premiering today.

The new single — from their forthcoming third LP Awaken (out January 26th via Southern Lord) — finds the five piece moving fluidly from mid-tempo crust to soaring post-rock to black & roll to somber acoustic passages in the span of nine minutes, none of it feeling out of place or forced — just challenging and forward-thinking.

"A World Unseen" Lyrics:
The winds carry warnings.
Ask the sand and the storm
will answer,
as the river caught your tounge.
Dwell on open water while
hell freezes.

Strong is the beat from the heavy hearts that carry you.
Their secrets buried in
a deep grave.
Their tombs hold the moon
under water.
Asleep but wide awake.
Death breathing down my neck,
a breath so cold a heart could stop.

At night I dream
of sorrows in a world unseen,
where time stands still.
A silent scream.

The terror is real.
Slowly waking wishing for relief.
A nightmare so true.
Blood for blood.

Running from the past,
a race too hard to win.
Consumed til the end
in the world of the living.

That last sentence
that sentenced you to life,
a sacred language
from your hidden nature.
Spoken by several tongues
and a deafening roar.

A fight against an agitator in a spiral spinning fast,
so fast all and nothing
got thrown to the ground.
Foreshadowed by the
absence of light.

At night I dream
of all the moments in between,
the days outlived.
The truth I seek.

Turned inside out
and the finale has come.
Crushed and grinded down,
we are all counted out.

A losing battle against
the spreading pandemic.
What follows is a seizure
that disrupts life and a
dying of old hopes.

The bell tolls!
Rise to see, rise to be
the crusher of the closing doors.

In a split second
the finish line is crossed.
Scarred, scared, a mark left behind.
Could the mind
ever be free of fear?
The only option is to refuse
and not play the game.