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Hear Terror Enlist Cannibal Corpse Vocalist on New Rager "Can't Help but Hate"

Corpsegrinder features on lead single from hardcore band's new album

Terror are back. The hardcore mainstays fronted by Scott Vogel will return later this spring with Pain Into Power, their eighth full-length overall and first album of brand new material since 2018's Total Retaliation. After reuniting with original guitarist Todd Jones (Nails) for last year's Trapped in a World LP of re-recorded older songs, they tapped him again to produce the entirety of Pain Into Power, and you can certainly hear his razor-sharp edge on its lead single "Can't Help But Hate" — which features guest vocals from Cannibal Corpse frontman George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher

Terror have always been a heavy band, but this is the fastest and hardest they've sounded in a long time, charging forward with an intensity that rivals bands half their age. Listen to "Can't Help But Hate" above via YouTube and read on to see what Vogel had to say about it and the upcoming record. 

"Todd is super intense and focused and analyzes all angles of songs and band situations," Vogel commented. "Sometimes I think he might know more about Terror than I do! Watching him create songs is inspiring because he was so invested in this album. And that was what we needed because Terror has done this so many times.

"This song is a fusion of Jordan [Posner] and Todd Jones' riffs. Pushed forward by possibly the fastest drumming Terror has ever had. Lyrics that everyone can easily relate to while living in a world crashing deeper into insanity day after day. And of course, the addition of Corpsegrinder's vocals makes this minute and twenty six second track super unique for Terror's eighth LP."

Pain Into Power is out May 6th via Pure Noise Records and pre-orders are available now. See the cover art and track listing below. 

Terror Pain into Power cover art

Pain Into Power track listing: 
1. Pain Into Power
2. Unashamed
3. Boundless Contempt
4. Outside The Lies
5. One Thousand Lies
6. Can't Let It Go
7. Can't Help But Hate
8. The Hardest Truth
9. On The Verge of Violence
10. Prepare For The Worst
11. Dead At Birth