Hear Thirty Nights of Violence's New Ripper "Marbled Regression" | Revolver

Hear Thirty Nights of Violence's New Ripper "Marbled Regression"

Nashville outfit drops first single off upcoming 'You'll See Me Up There' EP

Having already made waves in the Tennessee heavy-music scene alongside locals and Revolver favorites Chamber and Orthodox, Nashville-based rabble rousers Thirty Nights of Violence are back with their sophomore EP, You'll See Me Up There. Due June 26th via Unbeaten Records, the melodic, menacing and chaotic six-track record lyrically delves into heavy topics such as sexual identity, drug abuse, anxiety and survival — it's available for pre-order now. Ahead of the big drop, the quintet has teamed with Revolver to unleash vicious EP standout "Marbled Regression" and its striking music video. Watch and listen above.

"I wanted to write a song that was dynamic and challenging but still had the qualities of a pop song with defined sections like repeating choruses, verses, etc.," vocalist-guitarist Kelly Cook says. "For the solo section, I had this progression saved up for maybe four years, and it totally fit. James and I were able to do a cool trade-off solo over a weird 5/8 plus 6/8 section, which was a fun challenge. Big ending breakdown. What more do you want?"

Bassist-vocalist Jake Chestnut adds of the Joey Wasileski-directed music video, "Joey's work speaks for itself. Most of us went to school with him so it's nice to support another local artist, but more importantly, he listened to what we had to say. We had a lot of emotional stake in the song/video since it deals with some pretty heavy concepts, but there was never a moment we didn't trust him to demonstrate those the way we had all envisioned. We needed someone with a very sensitive but precise vision, and he delivered on all counts."