Hear Thoughtcrimes Channel Glassjaw, Dillinger on New Song "Mirror Glue" | Revolver

Hear Thoughtcrimes Channel Glassjaw, Dillinger on New Song "Mirror Glue"

Latest single from band featuring former Dillinger drummer Billy Rymer

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Next week, thoughtcrimes — the band featuring former Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer — will unleash their debut album, Altered Pasts, on Pure Noise Records. So far, we've heard a bunch of promising singles that swerve between brain-scrambling mathcore and croony, atmospheric alt-metal. Today (August 17th), they've graced us with a final taste before the record drops, and it merges everything we like about this promising new project into one five-minute song. 

The convulsive, freaky hardcore sections are there, but they transition swiftly into a serenely sung hook buttressed by epic rock instrumentation that's reminiscent of bands like Deftones and Glassjaw. Check it out above via YouTube. 

"I've always been a fan of anthemic drum intros," Rymer said in a press release. "It's something that when done right, will always give a song an unmistakable identity. That was the intention when putting this one together. It started with the drums. Everything after that was a linear progression of tension and release, blindsided curve balls and scene changes. There was no jumbling around with parts. It was all written as is in sequence. It's also the only song we have ever auditioned live prior to tracking."

Altered Pasts is due out on August 26th via Pure Noise Records and available for pre-order on limited-edition colored vinyl at Revolver's shop.