Hear Bay Area Thrashers Negative Sixx's New Ripper "Thrive" | Revolver

Hear Bay Area Thrashers Negative Sixx's New Ripper "Thrive"

Oakland band hails "survival through pain and misery"

Made up of veterans of the vaunted Bay Area metal scene, thrash crew Negative Sixx have an EP to their name, 2019's The Truth Shall Set You Free, and a full-length in the works. In the meantime, they've teamed with Revolver today (July 21st) to unleash their latest single, "Thrive," along with its high-octane music video. The song opens with a moody piano line over dramatic bass swells before exploding into a ten-ton thrash assault. Listen and watch above.

"Survival through pain and misery — that is the will to thrive," comments bassist Rawn Wadley. Lead vocalist Sid Frankosky adds, "This song provides a bunch of different elements. It gives the listener the heaviness and melodic taste. A great blend of metal."

As for the music video, guitarist Chris Van De Ven tells us, "[It] started with a simple idea. Next, with the help of the entire band, Dave Perga took the simple idea and warped and twisted it into something special. I believe the only way to move forward in this industry is to always come out swinging."