Hear Today Is the Day's Harrowing New Song "You're All Gonna Die" | Revolver

Hear Today Is the Day's Harrowing New Song "You're All Gonna Die"

Bandleader Steve Austin channels real-life misfortune into seething extreme music

Today Is the Day architect Steve Austin has been through hell and back over the last several years, and the band's sinister new album No Good to Anyone tells listeners the story of that experience. A streak of bad luck recently hit the underground music veteran, beginning with a terrifying bus crash in late 2014 and continuing through a miserable struggle with Lyme's disease, which Austin contracted at the same time as his beloved dog (who sadly had to be euthanized). As he is wont to do, Austin took all that pain and created a collection of spirit-crushing songs like that heard for the first time above: "You're All Gonna Die." 

"When you beat a person down and nothing let's up, you need to fight back," Austin tells Revolver. "The only person that is going to fight for you, is you. 'You're All Gonna Die' paints a picture of what happens you when you push someone way too far."

The fury within the song is intimidatingly controlled, like a festering rage that boils just below the surface. Cyclical melody climbs through heavy, noise-oriented distortion, as a driving backbeat pulses underneath, combining with the musician's haunting voice and sparsely placed synth samples. Dripping with anguish from every note, "You're All Gonna Die" is short, two-minute window into the psyche of a man pushed to his limits and clawing to hold on. 

Today Is the Day's No Good to Anyone arrives on February 28th via BMG. You can pre-order a copy here.