Hear Toner Evoke Dinosaur Jr., Nothing on Fuzzed-Out New Song "Smoov" | Revolver

Hear Toner Evoke Dinosaur Jr., Nothing on Fuzzed-Out New Song "Smoov"

Tony Molina Band and Culture Abuse members team on forthcoming 'Silk Road' LP
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Hailing from San Francisco, Toner make what they describe on their Facebook page as "Lovers Rock," a sound that's quickly recognizable, ringing with echoes of Dinosaur Jr., Catherine Wheel, Big Star, Nothing and a legion of power-pop bands that like it noisy, riffy and oh so sugary sweet. Initially started by Tony Molina Band drummer Samuelito Cruz, the band are gearing up to release their new LP, Silk Road, via Cruz's own Smoking Room Records on April 17th. The album was recorded by David Kelling of Culture Abuse and mixed and mastered by Cruz's compatriot in Tony Molina Band, Jasper Leach.

Silk Road's latest single is "Smoov," a brilliant number that bears traces of Swervedriver in its big guitars, shoegazing vibe, and melodic vocals buried in layers of riffing. Clocking in at a short and sweet one-and-a-half minutes, the song showcases a band that knows how to get in, present a good idea then get out — a subtle nod to the great Guided by Voices and their approach. Check "Smoov" out for the first time below; you can order your copy of Silk Road via Smoking Room.