Hear Tony Iommi's First Rock Song Since Black Sabbath's '13': "Scent of Dark" | Revolver

Hear Tony Iommi's First Rock Song Since Black Sabbath's '13': "Scent of Dark"

Doomy single arrives alongside guitarist's new signature cologne with luxury perfume house Xerjoff

Heavy-metal godfather Tony Iommi has offered up his first new music in eight years, "Scent of Dark." The doomy cut arrives along with the news that the Black Sabbath icon will also be releasing his first-ever fragrance, designed in collaboration with luxury Italian perfume house Xerjoff and Sergio Momo.

Written by Iommi, "Scent of Dark" features both the metal icon and Momo on guitars, as well as Jimmy Crutchley on bass, Ash Sheehan on drums, Rebecca Rose on cello and Julianne Bourne on the violin. Stream it above via YouTube.

"I've had the riff for quite a while and I'd never done anything with it," Iommi commented, "but it gave us a base to start from. We built up the track with programmed drums at first and then Mike Exeter demoed bass and keyboards on it, and I added my guitar solos, just to give us an idea of how it was going to sound.

"Then we added the strings. I'd worked with string sections on Sabbath albums before, but this was a whole new experience."

As for the fragrance, it came to be after Iommi struck up a friendship with Momo, which inspired the guitarist to channel his longstanding interest in colognes into a his own signature scent.

"It's something I've always been interested in, ever since the early days of products like Brut and Old Spice, which I'd always get given for Christmas," Iommi noted. "Once I started touring the world with Sabbath though, I started discovering different sorts of fragrances from other countries and began collecting them."

Iommi's signature scent will be available from November 29th from selected retailers or the official Xerjoff website.