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Hear Tribal Gaze's Monstrous New Death-Metal Album 'The Nine Choirs'

Texas band evoke Morbid Angel and Obituary on crushing debut for Maggot Stomp
Tribal Gaze press 2022 1600x900, Sidney Strauts
Tribal Gaze
photograph by Sidney Strauts

Pretty much everything the label Maggot Stomp puts out these days is bound to pop off, and Tribal Gaze are no exception. Coming onto the scene with last year's gurgling Godless Voyage EP, the Texas death-metal band are now wrapping up a tour with Creeping Death and 200 Stab Wounds, and if you're a fan of either of those modern-day trailblazers, then you absolutely need to be downing Tribal Gaze's debut album, The Nine Choirs, which we're proud to be premiering today (September 14th) a couple days ahead of its release.

Old-school fans will definitely pick up notes of Morbid Angel and Obituary in these songs, but Tribal Gaze are fundamentally a Texas band, and you can hear the Lonestar state's signature groove in their pendulum-like rhythms. Like most releases on the Maggot Stomp label, these are tracks that'll play just as well with heavy hardcore fans as they do with heshers in Death longsleeve tees, so whatever your familiarity with death metal may be, give The Nine Choirs a listen below.

"This album has its own gravitational pull, an album that will make you horrified of heaven, and an album that transcends trends and phases," says guitarist Quintin Stauts.

The record is officially out September 16th via Maggot Stomp and is still available for pre-order here.