Hear Tripsitter Fuse Black Metal, Shoegaze and Hardcore on Epic New Song "Remains" | Revolver

Hear Tripsitter Fuse Black Metal, Shoegaze and Hardcore on Epic New Song "Remains"

Austrian upstarts recorded debut album live in a cabin in their homeland

Rising Austrian quartet Tripsitter recorded their forthcoming debut album, The Other Side of Sadness, live inside a cabin. The vibe there, as well as that of the dark, mountainous surroundings of their hometown Innsbruck, runs through the record, which is at once claustrophobic and expansive, soaring and seething. "The Other Side of Sadness is more than just music — it's our own evaluation of the mind," the group has stated of the record, which is due April 19th via Prosthetic Records (you can pre-order it here). "The individual problems and reflected experiences of the four band members tell a cathartic story of depression leading through the album like a red thread. It is a struggle between hope and despair. The entire album is composed like an audio book presenting a symbiosis of music and text."

The latest chapter of that book to be offered up is "Remains," a glacial slab of shoegazing post-hardcore not far flung from the pummeling yet ambient sounds of Deafheaven or Oathbreaker. Tripsitter have teamed with Revolver to unveil the dense, dynamic three-minute cut — stream it above for the first time.

"'Remains' is a piece of a four-part story 'The Illusion of Flowers Always Remains' taken from our debut album The Other Side of Sadness," Tripsitter say of the song. "It tells the story of the slow decent into depression and isolation. The song 'Remains' depicts the very moment you reach the summit of your depression, the peak of your mental war. The cycle you can't break free from, that seems never-ending, you just choose to accept, the only way to free yourself from this world is a change of perspective. This is The Other Side of Sadness."