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Hear Trivium's Ripping Cover of Type O Negative's "I Don't Wanna Be Me"

Matt Heafy and Co. deliver faithful tribute to Peter Steele with take on 'Life Is Killing Me' hit

Late Type O Negative singer Peter Steele was known for his hulking sex appeal and sultry, sullen voice, so masterful shredder Matt Heafy of Trivium may not sound like a natural choice for taking on one of the late goth romantic's best known tunes. One listen to the Floridia heavy-metal act's "I Don't Wanna Be Me" cover though, and you'll see the two frontmen have more in common than one might initially believe. 

Originally released as part of a Record Store Day special, the track was finally digitized and made available on YouTube today (April 26th). Faithful and loyal to the original — which appeared on Type O's 2003 album Life Is Killing Me — the track differs only slightly in timbre and delivery, shoehorning in a distinct bit of brightness conducive to the upbeat bop of the original despite its dark, foreboding lyrics. 

Heafy's signature bright guitar tone and skillful strumming and picking take front stage here, as well as his slightly less bluesy vocal attack. What he lacks in Steele's sarcastic snarling, he atones for through sheer talent and practiced ability. The rumbling, bouncy bass bits come through louder as well, weighing down the ass end of an otherwise sing-song doomy dance track. 

Trivium's 'I Don't Wanna Be Me" is available via Roadrunner Records on streaming and download platforms here. The band are currently on break while Heafy and his wife Ashley enjoy their role as new parents to twins. Find adorable pictures of that and information of the Twitch streams he's conducting in the interim on his Instagram