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Hear Turnstile's Radiant New Song "Mystery"

Forward-thinking hardcore band's first track since 2018

Start practicing your stage-diving because Turnstile are back. The Baltimore hardcore visionaries have dropped a new song called "Mystery" that marks their first new material since their spectacular 2018 sophomore record, Time & Space.

For years, Turnstile have been altering hardcore's DNA to include elements of traditional pop, alt-rock and even hip-hop music. Time & Space was still a hardcore album at heart, but it was a significant departure from the bouncy mosh anthems of their 2015 debut, Nonstop Feeling. Therefore, it's not shocking to hear them lean even further into crunchy rock riffs and big-ass melodies on "Mystery," but it's always a pleasant surprise when they absolutely nail a new sound.

After a brief intro of blissful analog synths, "Mystery" breaks into a swinging grunge riff that sounds more like a particularly elated Smashing Pumpkins than the Bad Brains. Frontman Brendan Yates pushes his voice to higher, more melodic ranges during the sticky hook, and the track eventually cuts to a big, 'ol grinning guitar solo and stadium-sized "oo-oo" harmonies. It's a short-and-sweet, two-and-a-half-minute ride that's sure to put a smile on your face. Listen above via YouTube.