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Hear Turnstile's Summery New EP 'Turnstile Love Connection'

Baltimore hardcore visionaries also unveil accompanying short film

There really aren't any other bands quite like Turnstile. The Baltimore hardcore crew have unveiled a new EP and accompanying short film called Turnstile Love Connection, which takes a genuinely refreshing and subversive approach to punk by inverting the genre's black-and-white tonal palette with bright sounds, bright colors and a whole lot of good vibes. 

The project includes last month's radiant single, "Mystery," which dressed their buoyant hardcore energy in a vivacious outfit of analog synths, major-key grunge guitars and grinning melodies. The three new songs on Turnstile Love Connection each come at the band's stage-dive scores from a different angle — the lunging "Holiday," the bubbly pop interlude "No Surprise" and the Bad Brains shimmy of "T.L.C." 

All of the tracks can be heard in EP form on streaming services, but the best way to intake them is while watching the eleven-minute accompanying visual, which is essentially one fluid music video for all four songs. In it, the band play in an abandoned baseball field, pose on a mountaintop house, run through a bustling city, deliver an Ed Sullivan Show-type performance and more. 

Experience Turnstile Love Connection in all of its glory above via YouTube.