Hear UFOMAMMUT's doom cover of SOUNDGARDEN's "Let Me Drown" | Revolver

Hear UFOMAMMUT's doom cover of SOUNDGARDEN's "Let Me Drown"

Off 'Superunknown Redux' tribute compilation

We here at Revolver HQ are big fans of the Magnetic Eye Redux Series, which features hand-picked classic rock and metal albums reimagined in their entirety by cutting-edge modern artists. Previous entries have ranged from Pink Floyd's The Wall and Black Sabbath's Vol. 4 to Alice in Chains' Dirt and Helmet's Meantime.

Up next is Soundgarden's grunge masterpiece Superunknown, with current musicians including Marissa Nadler, Frayle and Spotlights re-interpreting its iconic songs. Today (May 9th), Italian drone-doom outfit Ufomammut premiered their contribution, a crushing, tectonic take on the album's "Let Me Drown." Blast it above via YouTube.

"We still remember the first time we listened to Badmotorfinger, just after it released way back in 1991", Ufomammut vocalist-bassist Urlo commented. "The riffs, the drums, Chris Cornell's vocals slapped us in the face. Soundgarden took the rock of that period to a different level. And with Superunknown, they reached perfection. It is a unique and unattainable record.

"We take it as a big honor to have the chance to pay tribute to those giants and open this album with 'Let Me Drown,' a song that sounds perfect in Soundgarden's hands. We began to play it as it was, but immediately understood that making the piece too similar to the original wasn't the way. So, slowly, little by little, we deconstructed it. We tried to understand the spirit of the song, and did our best to transform it into our own vision: a thunderous desperate vortex, inspired by both music and lyrics. Dealing with Kim Thayil's riffs and Chris Cornell's voice was a challenge, but also a very interesting, deeply satisfying experience.

"We think that, at the end, we've created a very Ufomammut song with the backbone of a great Soundgarden classic."

Superunknown Redux is due out July 14th via Magnetic Eye Records.