Hear $uicideboy$ Evoke Slayer, Atari Teenage Riot on Aggro New Rap-Punk Song | Revolver

Hear $uicideboy$ Evoke Slayer, Atari Teenage Riot on Aggro New Rap-Punk Song

New Orleans duo teams with Blink 182's Travis Barker for raging "NOTHINGLEFTNOTHINGLEFT"
suicideboys.jpg, Max Beck
$uicideboy$, 2019
photograph by Max Beck

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has always had his ear out for hip-hop, having collaborated with many artists throughout his career and generally keeping on top of what's good. Last year, he made a first foray into the world of metal-inspired rap, collaborating with Ghostemane on the song "D(r)ead," and contributing to the Fever333's "Made an America" remix with rapper Vic Mensa. Now, he's taking things a step further with a new team-up with New Orleans-based duo $uicideboy$: "NOTHINGLEFTNOTHINGLEFT."

The song takes $uicideboy$ out of their usual lane of heavy-hitting rap music and into a way more punk style of playing. Barker's drums hit fast as fuck and create a frenetic pace that results in a bigger impact from the industrial noise that permeates throughout.

Vocally, both members of the duo — Ruby da Cherry and $crim — go into full hardcore-band mode and scream like hell over all the chaos that ensues. Screams eventually play good cop bad cop with some quick, aggro rhymes that help build out the rest of the song's rhythm.

It leads into a breakdown of nihilistic chanting before switching back over to a guitar solo. It's all truly fucking insane, and wild how much is able to be packed into just over a minute's worth of music.