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Hear Underoath Collaborator GG Magree's Heavy "Tear You Apart" Playlist

Aussie electronic music artist compiles fave metal songs and more

In November, electronic music artist GG Magree released the emotionally charged single "Tear You Apart" featuring Underoath drummer-vocalist Aaron Gillespie. For Gillespie, it's the latest in a string of EDM collabs. For Magree, her choice in a collaborator was no accident: The Aussie DJ-producer grew up on heavy metal and hard rock and still listens to headbanging guitar-based music all the time. That being the case, we hit her up for her heavy "Tear You Apart" playlist, including beloved songs that informed the new banger as well as some of her go-to metal faves. Crank it below via Spotify, and scroll on for her commentary on each track.

The Story So Far — "Clairvoyant"
"The chords and the lyrics in this song struck a nerve in my heart."
The Beatles — "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"
"One of the sexiest songs ever made, and you can hear it through 'Tear You Apart' as it was a huge influence."
Slipknot - "The Devil in I"
"The constant war inside yourself to get what you want."
White Zombie — "More Human Than Human"
"This song makes you want to get naked."
Garbage — "#1 Crush"
"The moaning in this song is done by Madonna, and the lyrics relate so hard to 'Tear You Apart'!"
Nine Inch Nails - "Get Down Make Love"
"The sex sample and Sixties horror film The Cabinet of Caligari."
The Buzzcocks — "Orgasm Addict"
"I think the title is pretty self-explanatory."
Disturbed — "Down With the Sickness"
"The ultimate acceptance song, everyone's got a lil freak in [them] — so relatable."

Pantera — "Cowboys From Hell"
"The guitar riffs in this make me want to do backflips."
Rammstein — "Du Hast"
"Been one of my favs for years: "You have you hate."
Basement — "Covet"
"Relatable song about the love/hate in a relationship."
Slayer — "Raining Blood"
"One of the best songs of all time — the opening guitar riff is one of the most well-known riffs ever."
Alice in Chains — "Would?"
"His voice kills me, and I love this song as it's about his best friend who died, which hits me 'cause I've also had a best friend pass."
Bring Me the Horizon — "Can You Feel My Heart"
"Such an emotional song and the main melody makes me feel alive."
Linkin Park — "Shadow of the Day"
"One of the most beautiful songs ever made."