Hear UNTO OTHERS' new goth-metal love song "Butterfly" | Revolver

Hear UNTO OTHERS' new goth-metal love song "Butterfly"

Not a Crazy Town cover

Unto Others count Type O Negative as a major influence, which is no surprise when you hear their darkly romantic gothic-metal sound. The Portland, Oregon, band — helmed by vocalist-guitarist Gabriel Franco — stepped out of the gloom today with the wide release of their latest single, "Butterfly," which first premiered yesterday via Sirius XM Liquid Metal.

The song hits digital music platforms today alongside an ethereal, fairyland music video by Zev Deans. Watch and listen above.

"Butterfly" is about "the choices we make everyday," Unto Others explained in a joint statement. "Do we create or destroy? Do we lift up or put down? Do we do this to ourselves, or others? The listener can decide."

Next up for Unto Others, the band will be playing two special shows next month in Portland and Salt Lake City celebrating the fifth anniversary of their beloved 2019 album, Mana. Then this summer, they'll be touring across Europe. For more info and tickets, visit UntoOthers.net.