Hear Venom Prison Take Stunning Left Turn on New War Hymn "Pain of Oizys" | Revolver

Hear Venom Prison Take Stunning Left Turn on New War Hymn "Pain of Oizys"

'Erebos' second single massively expands U.K. death-metal band's sound

Revolver has a limited-edition "emerald green" vinyl variant of Venom Prison's upcoming album, Erebosorder yours now!

U.K. death-metal rabble-rousers and Revolver faves Venom Prison are set to drop Erebos, the follow-up to 2019's Samsara, on February 4th via Century Media. In November, they offered up the album's blistering lead single, "Judges of the Underworld," which introduced some Fear Factory-esque clean singing into the band's generally very unclean sound. Today (December 3rd), they've delivered a second single, "Pain of Oizys," and it totally flips the script on Venom Prison's approach with a plethora of melodic vocals, finger-picked guitar, crystaline piano and synth lines, strings, electronic beats and wide-open negative space. Listen above.

"If you think you know Venom Prison by now, you don't," guitarist Ben Thomas commented. "The second offering by Venom Prison is a cold room with a dusty piano. It's a softly sung war hymn with finger-picked guitar. It's a ship in calm seas watching for the storm on the Horizon. 'Pain of Oizys' will lull you into a false sense of security. Unique to Venom Prison's previous releases the instrumentation is not what you'd expect. Glassy reverberated guitars and cold piano notes lay the foundation for clean sung harmonies. 'Pain of Oizys' climaxes with synthy leads, strings and aggressive vocal chants. Leaving them feeling empowered with the lyrical conclusion whilst the intensity of the song winds down."

Erebos is available for pre-order in an array of collectible formats including a limited-edition "emerald green" vinyl variant that's currently only available at the Revolver and BrooklynVegan shops. The colorway is limited to 500 worldwide — order yours now before they're gone!