Hear Volbeat's Ultra-Catchy, 39-Second New Song "Parasite" | Revolver

Hear Volbeat's Ultra-Catchy, 39-Second New Song "Parasite"

Danish rockabilly-metal crew take brevity to new level with surprise single

Danish greasers Volbeat are experts at mixing the most entertaining parts of Fifties rock & roll, thrashy metal and classic punk into one seamless, unique sound. Today they've revealed the first single "Parasite" from their as-of-yet untitled album, due later this year. The most wild thing about this song is the fact that its run time just a very trim 39 seconds, not leaving any room for messing around. Straight from the jump, the cut is basically just a single chorus that combines glossy modern pop-rock with a more punk-rock pace. The lyrics are a double entendre where singer Michael Poulsen seems to both be singing about an actual mosquito and someone being a parasite on him. To further the point, a mosquito sound shows up near the very end of the song, shortening the actual music on the track to about 31 seconds. We all know you can definitely have a rad song run under two minutes, but we're still pretty impressed by the band's commitment to brevity.