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Hear Volumes' Crushing Cover of Pantera's "Rise"

In tribute to late, great Dimebag Darrell

Today (December 8th) marks the 18th anniversary of the death of Pantera shredder Dimebag Darrell. In the honor of the late, great guitar hero, Volumes have delivered a bulldozing, if mostly reverent, cover of "Rise," the sixth track on Pantera's 1992 masterpiece, Vulgar Display of Power. The L.A. metalcore veterans add a slightly heavier, nu-school heft to the metal classic — blast it above via its visualizer video, which sees the Volumes band name pictured in the iconic Pantera type amid a field of flames.

"Members of the band, past and present, have been huge fans of Pantera," bassist Raad Soudani commented. "However, the inspiration to cover this song came lightly. I was at the gym, and Pantera came on shuffle. My thought process was, 'Pantera rules. It would be cool if Volumes covered a song.' Everyone else was down, and we went to work. We chose this particular album and song because the album is on its 30th anniversary, and 'Rise' speaks volumes to the culture of the world not only when it was originally written, but even today. It also rips. During the mixing process, we wanted to stay true to their sound, while implementing ours."

Pantera are currently in the middle of the groove-metal pioneers' first tour in 21 years, playing with their new lineup featuring Zakk Wylde playing in place of Dimebag Darrell. As for Volumes, they released their most recent album, Happier?, in 2021.