Hear VOWWS' "Bare-Knuckled" Cover of Britney Spears' "Womanizer" | Revolver

Hear VOWWS' "Bare-Knuckled" Cover of Britney Spears' "Womanizer"

L.A.-based "death-pop" duo put ghastly spin on millennial pop classic

VOWWS are aiming for the stadiums with their latest dose of "death-pop." The L.A. via Australia duo have put their own ghastly spin on the 2008 Britney Spears classic, "Womanizer." 

After having toured with and interviewed fellow genre-fuser, Poppy, and having established their own breed of forward-thinking industrial music, singer-guitarist Matt James and singer-keyboardist Rizz have decided to put an unexpected twist on an essential piece of millennial bubblegum pop. Naturally, their take on  "Womanizer" is significantly darker, noisier and all-around spookier compared to the original, replete with a thwacking drum beat and eerie synths. However, the duo manage to keep the song's inherent catchiness intact, carrying out their self-proclaimed "death-pop" sound to its most literal end-point.

Check out the song and its wonky music video above. 

"We wanted to do something unexpected, something that comes from a totally different world to us, artistically and sonically," VOWWS said in a statement. "It was a challenge to ourselves to reinterpret something with top level pop production and give it a scrappy, DIY personality. If Britney's version is like a superstar heavyweight champion, ours is a bare-knuckled, chain-smoking, heavy-drinking street fighter."