Hear We Are PIGS' "Nu-Metal Revival" Rager Featuring Alien Ant Farm Guitarist | Revolver

Hear We Are PIGS' "Nu-Metal Revival" Rager Featuring Alien Ant Farm Guitarist

"Anorectic" is project's debut single with new full-time member Terry Corso

We Are PIGS is a self-described "nu-metal revival" project spearheaded by South African–born producer, songwriter and artist Esjay Jones — with the help of a few famous friends. As a producer, she notably helmed five songs on the enhanced recordings of Chester Bennington's pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze; as an artist, Jones has enlisted everyone from Korn's Brian "Head" Welch and Kittie's Morgan Lander for We Are PIGS' raucous songs ("KIDS" and "MOOT," respectively).

Today (February 2nd), she's teamed with Revolver to premiere the project's latest single, the fittingly titled "Anorectic," and to announce Alien Ant Farm guitarist Terry Corso as a new full-time member. Check out the new song above via its raw, DIY video.

"Terry and I started working together in 2012 with Alien Ant Farm," Jones commented. "Since then, we have worked on several projects in all music genres. I have always been a big fan of Terry's unique guitar style, we have an organic and tangible connection in studio and on stage, and I couldn't ask for a better partner for We Are PIGS."

Corse added, "With 'Anorectic,' we were all about capturing the high energy of a raw, super-stripped down performance and production. The little cherry on top is the belligerent, heavy guitar riff that pushes into your ear like a heavy-metal foxtail."