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Hear Wrong Channel Classic Helmet Sound on New Banger "Culminate"

Current and former members of Torche and Kylesa take to raucous basement for new video

The Helmet that many of us identify with really only stuck to that singular sound for one LP, their classic 1992 outing Meantime. After that, the simple, militaristic stop-go that made them so compelling was replaced with more melody and more clean vocals, effectively transforming the band from the noise-core juggernaut they once were to a harder-edged alternative-rock act.

But what if they didn't stop after Meantime? What if Helmet still abided by the Unsane/NYC underground blueprint they charted on Meantime (and to a lesser degree Strap It On), following that muse further and further into the darkness? It's a question that Miami's Wrong attempt to answer on their second LP, Feel Great, and with their latest single/video "Culminate." The new cut, which makes it's debut here today, is clearly a nod to classic Helmet, specifically the swing from the classic "Give It." Guitarist/vocalist Erik Hernandez (also of Torche) anchors the song with clenched teeth, projecting a fury that many aspire to but few achieve. Rough stuff, and in the coldest, most unrelenting way. 

Check out the video above; you can order your copy via Relapse Records ahead of the album's April 20th release date.