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Hear YLVA's Shape-Shifting Post-Metal Epic "Lapse"

Suspenseful, slow-burner appears on Australian act's forthcoming debut 'M E T A'
YLVA 2017 Promo

Intuition is everything for sludgy transcendentalists YLVA. Rather than mapping out long, complicated musical proofs like their post-metal peers, the Australian outfit shapes its foreboding soundscapes organically and emotionally, tapping into furious streams-of-consciousness recording sessions that resemble groove-enabled exorcisms. 

YLVA don't speak in tongues on M E T A, their forthcoming debut album. Instead, they scream, and spit, and soar, particularly on "Lapse," a new, sludgy boomerang of a single we're premiering today. According to guitarist/vocalist Mike Deslandes, the group didn't write the suspenseful slow-burner so much as they were possessed by it. "The song came together in the first hour one day in our practice room," he says. "We all felt it push and pull in the right directions very quickly, we all knew it was a certainty for the record.

"'Lapse' is a more erratic track from the record that musically surges and slumps in and out of the eye of an imminent storm," he continues. "'Lapse' is an internal measure of inevitable loss, the limbo whilst waiting for your world to be set alight all the while you know it's coming."

Fans of Isis, Pelican and Inter Arma – any post-metal lovers, for that matter – would be wise to smash the play button. M E T A arrives November 17th via Translation Loss/Pelagic.