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(HED)P.E kick CRAZY TOWN off tour following backstage brawl

"We can't just sit by while Shifty Shellshock's on the road battling demons to the death"
Crazy Town backstage brawl screens

Crazy Town are in a tough place right now. The nu-metal one-hit wonders, known for their 1999 smash "Butterfly," have been kicked off the "Nu Metal Madness Tour 2" by headliners (hed)p.e. after Crazy Town's frontmen, Shifty Shellshock and Bobby Reeves, were filmed beating the shit out of each other backstage after a rough show in Myrtle Beach on April 23rd.

According to multiple sources who witnessed the scuffle, the confrontation began when Shellsock didn't show up for the band's set at the Boathouse Waterway Bar & Grill, leaving Reeves to carry vocal duties alone.

In video from the set, the singer pauses multiple times to express how angry he is at his bandmate for ditching the gig, which is just the latest in a string of erratic behavior that Shellshock has engaged in (including kicking over a monitor during the previous night's show on April 22nd).

Based on what we can see in video of the April 23rd show aftermath, Shellshock and Reeves were verbally confronting each other backstage when tempers raised and then fists started swinging. At one point, Shellshock can be seen lying beneath Reeves while his bandmate wails on him from above, bloodying Shellshock's face.

Yesterday (April 25th), Reeves took to his Instagram stories to reassure fans that all was well in the Crazy Town camp, and that he and Shellshock had already made up. "Me and Shifty got in a little scuffle, but it's all good. We're brothers."

However, that wasn't enough to save them their spot on this current tour. Last night, (hed)p.e. frontman Jared Gomes announced that Crazy Town had been removed from the tour, also featuring Adema and Tantric. The singer also expressed his concern for Shellshock's well-being.

"(hed)p.e. had to kick Crazy Town off the tour," Gomes said in an Instagram video, as transcribed by the PRP. "We're not saints by any means and (hed)p.e. has done some crazy shit, and I'm not passing judgment on Crazy Town, or Seth [Binzer, a.k.a. Shifty Shellshock] or anything like that. But whatever has gone on with us we've always tried to come with a good rock show.

"Because of what's going on with Seth and Crazy Town right now, Seth needs help. We can't just sit by while he's on the road battling demons to the death. He needs to get off the road and deal with that shit. So, you've seen the video. If it was just a fist fight between band members, maybe I could be the first one to kinda of mediate or some shit like that.

"But this is a lot deeper than that. It's a lot messier, so it's definitely sad for us you know. Because I consider Seth a homie, but [we] just couldn't keep it going. And (hed)p.e. doesn't support the shit that's gone on and the shit that's been done or been said by Crazy Town."

Watch footage of the rough show, the fight and Gomes' full response below.

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