HOLY FVCK: See Demi Lovato Go Rock in New "Skin of My Teeth" Video | Revolver

HOLY FVCK: See Demi Lovato Go Rock in New "Skin of My Teeth" Video

Pop star reinvents themselves, wields fireworks-shooting guitar

Demi Lovato has always been one of our favorite pop stars here at Revolver HQ. Because, truth be told, of all the pop hit-makers who have professed their love for metal, they might have the heaviest taste. Over the years, Lovato has shouted out their teenage love for Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Job for a Cowboy and Lamb of God, told of crowdsurfing to Norwegian corpse-paint commandos Dimmu Borgir, and never forget the time they sang the Barney theme death-metal-style with Jimmy Fallon.

But their love of heavy music has never really shown up in their own output. Until now: Lovato's upcoming album, HOLY FVCK, sees them reinventing themselves with songs "grounded in Demi's rock and pop-punk roots," according to a press release, and while the music leans strongly in the pop side of that equation and not so much the rock or punk side, the video for lead single "Skin of My Teeth" (not the Megadeth song of nearly the same title) fully embraces very metal imagery, from blood-filled bathtubs to zombie-like antagonists. It all culminates in a scene of a black-leather-clad Lovato wielding a fireworks-throwing flying-V in a grim industrial space. Watch above. We'll leave it to you to decide where this falls on the trve/false scale.