Horseneck, Featuring Members of Chelsea Wolfe and Will Haven, Premiere Sludgy New Album | Revolver

Horseneck, Featuring Members of Chelsea Wolfe and Will Haven, Premiere Sludgy New Album

'Fever Dream' from the California-based collective is a dose of destruction
horseneck_press_credit_nathan_garcia.jpg, Nathan Garcia
photograph by Nathan Garcia

California-based post-hardcore sludge group Horseneck have teamed up with Revolver to premiere their second full-length, Fever Dream. You can listen to it above (and you can also grab the album here).

Featuring former ‪Will Haven guitarists Anthony Paganelli and Lance Jackman, current ‪Chelsea Wolfe drummer Jess Gowrie, and bassist Lennon Hudson, this 11-track offering is a melodic, dark sonic trip of intense sludge.

According to the band members, this follow-up to 2017's Heavy Trip, was a more collaborative process with all four individuals contributing more to the lyrics and music. Having spent over a year writing and refining the work, the result is nothing shy of a grandiose experiment.

Engineered by the band's own Lance Jackman at The Dock in Sacramento and mixed and mastered by Eric Stenman (Will Haven, Far, Weezer) at The Appliantz Shop in Encino, the record includes guest vocals from Grammy-nominated rock pioneer Gary U.S. Bonds and indie rock/folk hero Jules Bee (Baenziger) from Sea of Bees.

"This record is some of the best stuff I've ever written in my life. We all put our heart and souls into this album," says Paganelli. "We all wrote music and lyrics on 'Fever Dream' and I'm so proud of it. We did it all independently as well. Musically we didn't go into the album with a genre in mind.  We just went into writing with an open mind and let the riffs and the ideas guide us. Same with the lyrics on this album. We just wrote from what we were living through and what the world was giving us during the writing of this album. I feel like it's very cohesive and the album has a flow. It's a heavy rock record and you can definitely hear our influences but they don't sound stolen.

"Having Gary US Bonds on the record was something that Lance brought up. He knew Gary from his father. And when we asked Gary to potentially sing on the album he was all for it. Same when Jules from Sea of Bees — a folk-inspired singer from Sacramento. Pulling other talented people from Sacramento from different genres is something we love to do. Keep knocking down genres walls and pushing music into different directions. That always been something I love to do. Make my own path."