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Howard Jones' Light the Torch: Hear Epic New Song "More Than Dreaming"

From all-star metal crew's forthcoming album 'You Will Be the Death of Me'

Revolver has teamed with Light the Torch for an exclusive white vinyl variant of their new album You Will Be the Death of Me. It's limited to 300 — so grab yours now before they're gone!

Light the Torch — the melodic-metal outfit led by ex-Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones and featuring guitarist Francesco Artusato (ex-All Shall Perish) and bassist Ryan Wombacher (ex-Bleeding Through) — are back with another epic single, "More Than Dreaming." It's the second offering from their upcoming album, You Will Be the Death of Me, (their second album since changing their name from Devil You Know) which is set to arrive on June 25th via Nuclear Blast.

Similar to the albums's first single, "Wilting in the Light," this new cut features Jones' inimitable vocals soaring eagle-like atop beastly groove-metal riffs. "I love starting the album with 'More Than Dreaming,'" Jones commented. "It's got great energy and bounce to it — exactly what you want as an opener. Listen while you watch its mesmerizing visualizer above via YouTube. 

More than just a generic lyric video or simple band logo, the aforementioned visual aid is a 3D rendering of You Will Be the Death of Me's album art — both of which were created by Artusato the axeman. 

"The idea for this artwork started developing in my head right after we were done with the first session of pre-production," Artusato explained in a statement. "I started seeing certain colors and this style in my head. To me, the music on this record in fact sounds like 'those colors.' The concept is pretty simple: You can see a torch in the middle and three flames coming out of it. The three flames represent the three of us. The addition of neons and fog was inspired by John Carpenter's eighties movies."

However, sculpting the image into a rotating art piece with actual flickering flames took a few additional steps. "Having all the artwork created in 3D, I was able to place it in a CG environment, start animating some of the elements, and create some sort of story," Artusato continued. "I think in this case it works well with the 'dream-like' vibe of these visuals. Artwork and visual creativity have been a big part of my growth as an artist for the past few years and I love to be able to combine music and visuals in one project. It made this album even more special to me."