The HU: See Mongolian Folk-Metal Act's Stunning New "Great Chenggis Khaan" Video | Revolver

The HU: See Mongolian Folk-Metal Act's Stunning New "Great Chenggis Khaan" Video

Viral stars unleash throat singing, traditional instruments in latest cinematic clip inspired by Genghis Khan

Mongolian act The HU blend traditional throat singing and instrumentation with heavy rock to create an utterly compelling style of music they call "hunnu rock." Today, they debuted their third single from coming album The Gereg, "The Great Chenggis Khaan." The new song honors the legacy of fellow Mongolian Genghis Khan, the founder and first great ruler of the Mongol Empire, and arrives with an appropriately awe-inspiring music video

Filmed in the 12th-century ruler's hometown of Burkhan Khalduun, the chilly cinematography (the band endured bone-chilling -30 degree temperatures during filming) and aggressive stances of the musicians blend seamlessly with the traditional musicality on display, punctuated by the group's headfirst dive into the steady, rhythmic pounding of their metal passages. The lyrics, sung in their native tongue, translate into a celebratory tale of the ancient leader with passages like: "The king of the great Mongols / The king of the blue world / The scourge of the eternal Tengri / The Great Chinggis Khaan." 

Solidly paced but never waning from it's lumbering war stance, the track aptly purveys the mood put forth by that of a powerful and storied head of the first Mongol Empire. Such a strong dedication to history earned The HU the title of the Cultural Envoy of Mongolia, as well as an enormous worldwide fanbase and more than 40 million combined views on their previous singles "Wolf Totem" and "Yuve Yuve Yu." 

The Gereg will make its world debut on September 13th via Eleven Seven Music. Pre-order a copy at this location and check out The HU when they flex those ambassador skills on their upcoming North American tour–dates available on the band's official website