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Incite's Richie Cavalera Picks the Top 5 Greatest Vocalists


Incite's Richie Cavalera may know a thing or two about being a vocalist and frontman. After all, his father is founding Sepultura and Soulfly mouthpiece and mastermind Max Cavalera. Here, the younger Cavalera picks his Top 5 Vocalists for Revolver. Richie's thrash band, Incite, will release its new album, 'Up in Hell,' September 2. 1. Chino Moreno, Deftones "One of my favorites of the new age of frontmen. He has high energy and great vocal range and patterns."

2. Phil Anselmo, Pantera "Just a badass. Talks about crazy shit. Rips the highs and kills with power."

3. Mike Patton, Faith No More, Tomahawk, Mr. Bungle, etc. "One of the best frontmen of all time because of his vocal range, as well as his crazy and intense vibe."

4. Mike Muir, Suicidal Tendencies "He has high energy, gets the crowd going and is really in your face! I love it."

5. John Tardy, Obituary "Just has the craziest voice. I think it's ever so intense—just makes you wanna kill."



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