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Inclination: Hear Knocked Loose Side Project's Crushing New Song "Epidemic"

Featuring scorching vocals from Indecision frontman Tom Sheehan

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When he's not playing in Knocked Loose or producing records for bands like SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Wristmeetrazor, guitarist Isaac Hale finds time to play in another Louisville, KY, hardcore band called Inclination. In 2019, the straight-edge group released their breakout EP, When Fear Turns to Confidence, and now they've finally announced their first full-length, Unaltered Perspective (out this Fall via Pure Noise Records). 

The previously-released singles, "Thoughts and Prayers" and "A Decision" will be part of the 11-song tracklist, as well as their new single "Epidemic," a scorching rager that features Indecision frontman Tom Sheehan and recalls the elder vocalist's era of late Nineties metalcore. Listen above via YouTube. 

"The message in 'Epidemic' stems from the wanton destruction brought on by the pharmaceutical industry in the Unite States," frontman Tyler Short said of the track's lyrics. "Politicians and policy makers happily look the other way and get rich while the opioid crisis kills tens of thousands of Americans every year. Tom Sheehan from Indecision recorded a part on the track and his unmistakable voice and style really amplify the frustration and desperation conveyed throughout the song."

Unaltered Perspective is out in full on October 21st and it's now available for pre-order in a variety of formats. One of those is a Revolver-exclusive vinyl variant on "half black/half orange crush" colored wax that's limited to just 250 copies. Order yours from our shop.

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