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Instrumental Metal Guitarist Bobby Keller: My Favorite Type O Negative Song

Florida shredder reveals cut that triggered "different emotional experience"
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There was no one quite like Type O Negative. They were four Brooklyn dudes who sprung up out of the city's extreme hardcore scene and evolved into legit (if tongue-and-cheek) goth metal icons. From their 1991 debut, Slow, Deep and Hard to 1993 breakout Bloody Kisses to their 2007 swansong Dead Again, frontman Peter Steele and the band cast a long shadow with their haunting music and inimitable, imposing presence.

Sadly, their influential career was cut short by the untimely death of Steele in 2010 — but the Drab Four's legacy carries on. Type O left the world with so many great songs that continue to inspire generations of gloom-loving, heavy-music fans. Among those is Florida instrumental metal musician Bobby Keller. Below, the guitarist sounds off on his favorite Type O Negative song.


My favorite song by Type O has to be "Anesthesia." I remember hearing it first way back around the time it came out [on Life Is Killing Me in 2003]. I bought the CD and this was the song I had on repeat. I was really drawn to the melodies and heavy rhythms. Though it wasn't the fast thrash or speed metal I was into at the time, it still satisfied my ears and gave me a bit of a different emotional experience than I was used to. I was at a point in my life where there were situations growing up [that] I wanted to forget or maybe not feel anything towards, so Peter's words just spoke to me — and I felt like "Anesthesia" was my comfort song. This has totally transpired to later in life [in] how I write music and what inspires me. Trying to build an emotional connection through riffs or melodies and portraying things that can help people cope or identify with in order to help them get through whatever it is they need help with. Peter and Type O have a very special place in my heart. The music that they made lives on forever and is totally relatable even by today's standards.