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James Hetfield Calls Woman Who Gave Birth During Metallica Show

Papa Het congratulates Brazilian fan whose baby arrived during "Enter Sandman"

Last week, a metal miracle occurred. A Brazilian woman named Joice Figueiró was rocking out at Metallica's show in Curitiba when suddenly the baby she was 39 weeks pregnant with decided it was time to arrive — while James Hetfield and Co. played "Enter Sandman", so clearly this kid's already got great taste. Figueiró's Instagram post about the wild story became a viral sensation, and apparently the man who was belting "exit light, enter night" when her water broke called her up to congratulate her. 

In a video of the big phone call, Joice is seen sitting by her partner while she's in a state of visible shock, completely enamored by the prospect of hearing Hetfield's voice on the other side of a phone call. "This is James from Metallica. Congratulations, you guys," he can be heard saying with a snicker while Joice repeatedly says, "Oh my god," and admits that she's crying. 

See the clip of the touching moment above. Additionally, Joice was interviewed by the Washington Post about what it was like to unexpectedly give birth at a stadium-sized metal show. 

"Since it wasn't planned, I was scared that the medical team wouldn't be ready," she said. "But there's also the feeling of being able to tell people that this happened because Metallica is one of the bands we love the most." 

She also shot down the idea of naming her son "Sandman" or something else Metallica-related, but said she's considering giving him a middle that references Metallica. "Remember, this is the name he'll carry throughout his whole life. He'll get bullied with the name 'Sandman.' He already has enough of a story to tell."