Hear RONNIE RADKE and JELLY ROLL team on FALLING IN REVERSE's new country-metal romp "All My Life" | Revolver

Hear RONNIE RADKE and JELLY ROLL team on FALLING IN REVERSE's new country-metal romp "All My Life"


Well… we didn't see this one coming. Fresh off Falling in Reverse's "RONALD" single with Alex Terrible and Tech N9ne, Ronnie Radke's collabo spring continues with a country-world-flirtin' duet alongside Jelly Roll, which will appear on the upcoming FIR album, Popular Monsters. Together, they're singing about good times and bad times on their new single, "All My Life."

The tune takes on some modern country crossover touches, including Radke puttin' on a southern twang to sing as a down-on-his-luck pardner "looking for love in all the wrong places." While there are some chunky pop-metal moments in here, Jelly Roll's countrified presence and the hearty "Yee-Haw" during the breakdown make this ready to be boot-scooted along to at your local country dive just as much as it might set it off at FIR's upcoming "The Popular Monstour II."

As for the video, Radke flies in from the heavens on a Pegasus, looking something like Drip-Along Daffy before a wardrobe changes puts him in "bad guy" black chaps. There's a bar fight and a bank heist; Jelly Roll gets broken out of the local prison; and the whole thing turns into a Gold Rush-era kaiju conflict once people start swiggin' 1000-proof magical elixirs.

Check out the madness up above.

As for Popular Monster, the record drops August 16th via Epitaph. It will indeed feature both "All My Life" and "RONALD," as well as an on-brand track called "Bad Guy" with Sharaya, and FIR's previously delivered piano ballad version of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" — full tracklisting below.

As previously reported, Falling in Reverse's "The Popular Monstour II" run with Dance Gavin Dance and Tech N9ne starts up in August. You'll find the tour dates here.

Popular Monster tracklisting:
Popular Monster
All My Life (Feat. Jelly Roll)
RONALD (Feat. Tech N9ne + Alex Terrible)
Voices In My Head
Bad Guy (Feat. Saraya)
Watch the World Burn
Trigger Warning
Last Resort – Reimagined