Jerry Cantrell, Scott Ian, Robb Flynn Pick Favorite Songs on Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power' | Revolver

Jerry Cantrell, Scott Ian, Robb Flynn Pick Favorite Songs on Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power'

"'A New Level.' No shit."

Pantera's 1992 mission statement Vulgar Display of Power is undoubtedly one of the finest metal albums of all time, full of classic mosh-pit anthems, pissed, inspirational and cathartic. Every track is great, but every fan has their own favorite — including Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell, Machine Head's Robb Flynn and Anthrax's Scott Ian.

Jerry Cantrell, Alice in Chains — "A New Level"
"'A New Level.' No shit. I met Vinnie, Dime, and Rex in a club in Houston they were playing at called Cardi's in 1985. They were amazing then, but after Phil joined the band, they seemed to really find themselves. I've always admired the ferocity and mastery they always put into their music. All teeth, bones, and muscle, not one ounce of fat. 'Vulgar Display of Power' is a landmark record that still echoes deafeningly today. This song has it all. Every gear is used to make that machine operate beyond full capacity." 

Robb Flynn, Machine Head — "This Love"
"I first heard this song about the time it came out, which was a time in my when I had just broken up with my girlfriend of three years and I completely related to the lyrics. "No more head trips ..."? Man, I connected! The lyrics were very powerful. Not to mention the riff in the middle of the song. Jesus?! One of the heaviest riffs ever. In fact, this song has about three of my favorite riffs of all time."

Scott Ian, Anthrax — "A New Level"
"I got Vulgar when it came out — I may have heard this song live before that, not sure — but when that record came out, it actually did put Pantera on a new level. And the song was a self-fulfilling prophecy. For me, it defines the attitude of a band that was on the verge and knew it. They really had something special to offer the world. And the riff just fucking rules. I was lucky to play that song with Pantera almost every night n tour in '91 and '98. It moves me deeply when I listen to it, but mostly I think of the great times we had together."