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Judas Knife: Hear Youth of Today, Garrison Members on Crushing Post-Hardcore Debut

Converge's Kurt Ballou guests on duo's dynamic first album 'Death is the Thing With Feathers'
Judas Knife Press 2021, Nathaniel Shannon
Judas Knife
photograph by Nathaniel Shannon

If you're looking for a new band making old-school post-hardcore with a fresh twist, then Judas Knife are at your service.

The New York duo are a new group consisting of Sid Jagger (aka Joseph Grillo) and Drew Thomas, who formerly played in the alt-rock band God Fires Man together. Jagger also played in the formative post-hardcore band Garrison as well as the queercore group Gay for Johnny Depp, while Thomas did time in Youth of Today, Into Another, Bold and more.

They've been around the block, but Death is the Thing With Feathers is their first album as Judas Knife, and we're psyched to be premiering it in full below ahead of its official release this Friday. 

The album folds many different sounds into its 10-song track list, but the bulk of it can be compared to the melodic yet groove-driven post-hardcore of groups like Jawbox and Quicksand — specifically the most recent Quicksand albums, which draw back the heaviness in favor of sleeker, more dynamic songwriting. 

However, there are other moments on the album that have a Queens of the Stone Age vibe ("Dance in the Pale Glow") or a post-rock feel ("The Years Go By Like Broken Record"), so it's not a standard post-hardcore record by any means. Also, the whole thing was produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou, and he adds some guest guitars on its final track.

"Here it is. Turn out the lights, get naked and dance," are the only words the band has to say about the album. Do as they say while you give it a listen below via Bandcamp.

Death is thing Thing With Feathers is officially out this Friday September 24th via Translation Loss Records and can be pre-ordered here.