Justin Bieber Instagrams Tool Lyrics, Asks Fans: "Curious If Any of You Know It" | Revolver

Justin Bieber Instagrams Tool Lyrics, Asks Fans: "Curious If Any of You Know It"

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan responds: #bummer
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Unlikely metalhead and world-famous pop star Justin Bieber once again flirted with the heavier side of music when he took to Instagram stories to post the lyrics to Tool's 2006 track "The Pot," taken from their most recent LP 10,000 Days

"If you know what the song is to the lyrics I posted," Bieber typed out in a subsequent story, "write them down on my last post don't look it up please [sic] I'm curious if any of you know it." The singer continued his backseat 'gramming by posting a four-segment video blaring the track while riding down a sunny road while reportedly on a road trip with his wife Hailey. 

Justin Bieber posts Tool lyrics to Instagram, 2019

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan himself got wind of the story via Consequence of Sound, replying on Twitter with a short, sharp: #bummer

Bieber's preoccupation with metal is nothing new, including the time in 2017 he landed himself in a bit of a tiff when he claimed he made shock-rock icon Marilyn Manson "relevant again."

Even further back, Bieber showed off his love for thrash when he wore a Metallica shirt and thusly inspired the rage of heshers everywhere. For their part, Metallica weren't bothered one bit, and even called the incident one of their favorite events of 2015.